The Three Questions

Jehovah met Moses at the burning bush and called him to rescue the people of Israel. Moses responded with 3 questions.

Moses Meets the Great I AM

Moses lived to be 120 years old. His life could be divided into three periods of forty years each. The first 40 years were spent in the palace as royalty, the second in Midian as a lowly shepherd, and the third in the wilderness as God’s mediator leading the children of Israel. The Bible says that Moses was strong in word and in deed (Acts7:22). He was aware that somehow God wanted to use him. Verse 25 says: “and he supposed that his brothers understood that God through his hand was giving salvation to them, but they did not understand”.

Moses a Man of Faith

Moses was a man of faith taking a stand for God’s people to bring them out of the Egyptian (world’s) grip.  Acts 7:22-23 says that he was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was powerful in his words and works and yet it “came into his heart” to visit his brothers (the children of Israel).  We know that there was a period of time that Moses was nursed by his mother Jochebed before he was presented back to the daughter of Pharaoh, and we believe that during that time as a child he was infused with faith.

The Female Life

The sisters are vitally necessary in the church life.

Exodus a Book of Pictures

In a recent study of the Bible, we saw that Exodus is a book of pictures showing God’s salvation out of the world. For instance, Israel is a picture of all of God’s people. Egypt is a picture of this world that keeps God’s people enslaved and loving it.  Pharaoh is a picture of the god of this age, who burdens us down with hard labor while in the world. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words. When comparing Genesis and Exodus, we saw that our salvation has two sides, the individual and the corporate. In Genesis the individual side is illustrated with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Road to Goshen

Joseph’s brothers found out that there are consequences for their sins. They had hid the selling of their brother to slavery for 13 years. But, when they were forced to go to Egypt to buy grain, Joseph was waiting to punish them for their past. Reuben, the oldest brother, who should have stopped the mistreatment of Joseph, had to face his father to explain why they needed to take Benjamin to Egypt. Simeon, who was probably the leader of the group that wanted to kill Joseph, was kept in prison in Egypt.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Job 32:8 says: "But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding". Elihu is telling Job and his friends that the real understanding of God, and his own difficult situation comes from God's Spirit (Neshamah) and is made know to his spirit (Ruach). Man, being created in God's image, has three parts; body, soul, and spirit (1Thes. 5:23). To understand the physical world around use, we have to use the five senses of our body.


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