Bible Trek 2016 - When Jesus Calls

Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19 to go and disciple the nations. But how? In His early ministry, we can learn by observing how He called people. Nicodemus, a religious teacher, came to Jesus at night. Before he was able to initiate a religious conversation, Jesus told him bluntly that he needed to be born again. When Nicodemus tried to inquire about this, Jesus chided him for his ignorance and then proceeded to tell him more. It was not rude. It was love. He drew a line in front of Nicodemus, that he could be reborn into the kingdom of the heaven or perish. It did not matter how religious he was. It is not easy to open the eyes of a religious man. When Jesus talked privately with an immoral, Samaritan woman, his approach was much softer. He did not want to push her away with a tone of condemnation, so he started up an unintimidating question, “Can I have a drink of water?” The woman engaged. He proceeded to tell her about living water. She was caught. Now came the time to shed light on her sin. She was convicted. He led her to understand how to worship God in Spirit. Then she knew and believed that he was the Christ and went to tell the whole town about it. The bait. The hook. The net. The catch. Oh, how we can learn from the Master! Simon Peter seemed to be the most difficult case. He was introduced to Jesus by his brother, Andrew. Jesus changed his name from Simon to Peter. He must have not been that impressed, because they soon parted ways. Later, in Matthew 4, we find Jesus approaching Peter at work, in a boat at sea. He would not let this man go. Peter did drop everything that day and followed Jesus. However, In Luke 5, Peter we find Peter fishing again. The Lord borrowed his boat to teach people by the sea. He then asked Peter to cast out the net again, even though they could not catch anything the whole night. When the boat was filled with fish, Peter confessed his sin. Jesus, patiently, once again, asked Peter to follow him. Peter through his career behind him and gave his whole life to Christ. When the Lord asked Peter to shepherd the sheep (John 21), Peter knew exactly what that meant. How do we disciple the nations? Learn from Jesus.