Bible Trek 2016 - The Rest of the Stories

Being the great story teller that He was, Jesus could not depart from the earth before telling 7 more stories, and this He did just days before His death. But never think for a minute that a Jesus story was for entertaining. On the contrary, each story was loaded with meaning and teaching.

The first 3 were to the chief priest and Jewish elders. First, he told them of 2 sons. One was a promisor, but not a doer and the other was seemingly disobedient, but later had a change. No doubt he saw many of the first kind in the crowd. Then there was the wedding feast that covered all kinds of people from the religious who ignored the invitation to the guest who failed to live up to the what he was called to do. Finally, there was the story of the evil tenants, who foolishly thought that if they killed the heir to the vineyard they were renting, they could have the vineyard to themselves. Could any of these Jewish leaders see the kind of mockery they were about to engage in?

Jesus also told 4 stories to His disciples. He likened them to stewards in a household who should serve with faithfulness and prudence as if the master was returning that day. To explain faithfulness, He told a story of 10 virgins. The five faithful ones were those who had stored oil (the Holy Spirit) in their vessels. To explain prudence, he told a story about 3 servants who were given various amounts of money to invest. The unwise servant despised the small amount he was given and buried it, complaining that his master wanted to reap where HE had not sown. Oh, the many lessons we can learn to faithfully and daily store up the Holy Spirit in our vessels and to treasure whatever the Lord has given us by investing out time and money into the Lord’s interest on earth.

Jesus had one more story to tell. It seems He wanted to make sure that the disciples knew that there would be a judgment one day. Some are sheep and some are goats. There is a definite line. Some will suffer eternal punishment and some will be saved. There is no middle ground.

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