Bible Trek 2016 - Faith

Jesus touched many lives in His journey on earth. When so doing, it is interesting to observe His remarks about their faith. When the Centurion in Matthew 8 asked Him to just “say the word,” rather than to come to his house, Jesus commended his faith as something that He had not seen anywhere among the Jews. Then there was the woman in Luke 7 who burst into Simon, the Pharisee’s house where Jesus was dining. She was crying, and washing Jesus’ feet with her hair. Jesus told her that her faith had saved her and that she could now go in peace. The disciples learned a lesson of faith while traveling with Jesus by boat on the sea in Luke 8. A storm rose up and the boat was taking in water. The experienced seamen were frightened and desperate and woke Jesus up pleading for help. Jesus calmed the sea and the winds and then rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith. There was also the woman who had been sick with a blood problem for 12 years. She pushed through the crowds, thinking that if she could just touch Jesus’ clothes, she would be healed. When Jesus realized what had happened, He told her that her faith had made her whole.

Christians should be careful to define faith as a prayer, an absolute trust, or a simple belief of a miraculous future event. Faith has many expressions. Faith to the Centurion was his respect for Jesus’ authority. Faith to the sinful woman was her tears. The disciples learned that the lack of faith was a prayer out of fear. To a sick woman, faith was a touch. In fact, we can learn from these examples, that faith is not the words that are said, but rather our communication with Jesus Christ our Savior through the Holy Spirit.