Bible Trek 2016 - Betrayed, Disowned, Mocked and Sentenced to Death

Jesus spent His last day on earth washing the disciples’ feet and serving them at the Passover Feast. When the disciples began to argue about who was the greatest among them, He told them that the one who serves is the greatest. Of course they

The evening hours before crucifixion were not pleasant to say the least. First, the disciples could not stay awake as their friend and shepherd was praying in agony about His upcoming death. Next Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus with a kiss. For a mere 30 pieces of silver he ambushed Jesus with a group of thugs and their clubs and spears. Jesus was then brought to the high priest, where He was falsely accused, mocked, and beaten. Possibly the most difficult moment of the night was when Peter denied that he had been with Jesus, and did this three times, even when he was confronted about his Galilean accent as identified as the one who had cut off an ear of one of the thugs. The Lord looked at Peter, and Peter crumbled, going out into the night with bitter weeping and repentance.

In the morning, this corrupted group of Jewish leaders brought him before Pilate, the Roman governor, and demanded that he condemn Jesus to death. When Pilate hesitated, a mob shouted repeatedly, “Crucify Him.” A crown of thorns was put on His head. There was more humiliating mocking and beating. Pilate, a true politician, washed his hands of the ordeal and gave the Jewish leaders the green light to kill Jesus. The mob accepted, shouting, “Let His blood be on us and our children.”

What an insight into the darkness and destructiveness of religion! What an exposing of the deceptive and manipulative politicians! And, indeed, history repeats itself. Frequently. Currently. And then there are the sleeping disciples and the denial of Peter. That picture sheds much light on our own condition. If the Lord had not told Mary in His Resurrection, “Go tell My disciples AND PETER,” Peter may have never recovered. Hasn’t the Lord in like manner beckoned us to come to Him, “Go tell my people and especially …”?